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Fantastic! My brows were just goners and i looked totally gross if i didn't pencil them in every day. I was a little nervous about having them tattooed on, but Netty was so thorough during our consultation, making sure I was 100% satisfied with how she had them drawn on before we even started, I knew I was in good hands. She numbs you up really well too, so you hardly feel a thing. You get aftercare ointment and instructions so you know how to care for them while they heal. When she finished, I couldn't believe how real they looked-like actual little hairs!

I am so freaking happy right now I could cry, I LOVE THEM!!!

If you are in Lynchburg, don't bother going anywhere else. She is awesome and her prices are HALF what everyone else charges.


Jessica B.- Lynchburg, VA

Oh my goodness, I got an $1000 pair of eyebrows for $200!

I did a lot of research on permanent makeup before I discovered Netty Carey at Le Femme Permanent Cosmetics.

Everywhere i looked the prices ranged from $600-$1000 to get a nice set of eyebrows tattooed on. I thought that seemed a little high compared to how much a regular tattoo cost-

( I have a few!).

When I first found her website i thought it must be too good to be true, but i looked at her before and after pics and all the wonderful reviews, and I knew she was the one for me!

I am so glad I chose Netty to do my eyebrows. She is professional but knows how to make you feel relaxed at the same time. You can tell you are in good hands when she is working on you. She happily answered all bazillion of my questions and talked me through the entire process so i knew what was going on.

Lynchburg you have a gold mine here, take advantage while her prices are still low!

Sammy G. - Richmond, VA

"I used to spend an embrassing amount of time drawing my brows & I still was never happy with them. I heard about microblading & thought “I could really use this!” but I was so skeptical of how it would turn out. It’s been three days & even in the healing process I am in LOVE with my brows. The procedure was painless & I would make this decision over and over again. Netty was super polite and made sure I got EXACTLY what I went in for at a great price! The shape and color of my brows are PERFECT & everyone comments about how they look SO REAL. If you’re on the fence about permanent eyebrows, DON’T WASTE MORE TIME, DO IT!!"

Kari M.- Radford, VA

"Let me just say, I am not much of a makeup up person, very low maintenance. I'm a very busy mom and between work and my kids i honestly just don't have time...

That being said, I've always wanted redder, fuller lips (instead of my pale skimpy ones) and more almond-y shaped eyes. Yes I can achieve this look with lipstick and eyeliner, but its just not worth the effort for me unless its a special occasion.

So I just happened to come across this ad for permanent makeup on facebook and thought it sounded interesting, and after looking at the before and after pictures I was like this sounds perfect! Its a very natural look which is what i like, it looks like you were born with it vs spending an hour in the bathroom mirror painting it on.

I am ecstatic with the results and can not recommend Netty highly enough, she is very pleasant to work with and a talented artist as well!"

Nathalia B.- Charlottesville, VA

"Netty took the time to do the most difficult eye makeup ever! I wanted it a certain way and she got it perfect! My eyebrows look so natural and I love my eyeliner! She even numbed it up a lot for me! Haha. She was funny and professional with a great price! I recommend Netty to everyone!"

Kimbre R.-Roanoke VA

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